Bridgewater Consulting is a profesional services partner to many leading enterprises and Value Added Resellers in the marketplace. We provide a virtual bench of industry experts to assist in our partner’s delivery of complex projects.

What we see

  • Partner has limited high-end focused expertise for project delivery
  • “Experts” become generalists over time as resources are bounced between projects of differing technologies
  • Credentials are there, but real world experience is not
  • “Go-to” internal resources are overwhelmed being pulled between delivery and pre-sales efforts
  • Specialized high salaried employees kept on staff with historic low utilization
  • Project timing does not match up with internal resource availability

What we offer

  • Focused mid to high-end talent that creates a “virtual bench” of expert resources
  • Known quantity talent. Limited overhead on a pay-as-you-win deals basis
  • Additional SME pre-sales support as-needed
  • Candidates that aren’t in-between jobs or looking for full time employment = ability to reuse